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Job Announcement: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach - Umpqua Community College


Report directly to the Head Men's Basketball Coach and work with the Athletic Director, department and athletic commissioners to ensure compliance with all UCC and NWAC rules and regulations

Essential Functions

Compliance in such areas including but not limited to:


  1. Be familiar with all recruiting guidelines and allowable recruiting geographical areas.Know the allowable expenses limits for recruits.
  2. Ensure that all recruits are made aware of all the expenses involved in attending your college, including the costs to live in your community.
  3. NWAC encourages coaches to utilize ethical standards and stress the positive aspects of your institution when recruiting.

  1. Work with the appropriate institutional personnel to track the academic progress for your athletes and make sure you are aware of their academic progress.
Schedules and Travel
  1. Work with the athletic department on scheduling all athletic events, abiding by the league schedules set up by the region commissioner.
  2. Be aware of all travel arrangements.  Transport teams to event and ensure adequate supervision and assume responsibility for the conduct of the players while on all road trips.  Make sure an institutional representative accompanies the team at all times.
  3. Meet all scheduled obligations and work through your athletic administration for any schedule or time changes.
  4. Assume responsibility for reporting team scores to the NWAC office after a home contest or an away contest in which the opponent is not an NWAC member college.  Always report scores to local news media.
Preparing Athletes for Competition
  1. Be alert to and protect athletes from unsafe conditions related to facility and equipment.
  2. Be aware of general rules and regulations concerning practices, what constitutes a practice, starting and ending dates, and supervision.
  3. Be responsible for teaching physical conditioning relative to your sport.
  4. Be responsible for teaching and coaching the fundamentals for your sport.
  5. Be familiar with all rules and regulations governing your sport in addition to the NWAC sports specific rules governing your sports.  These include areas such as: playing season dates, travel squad size, pre-games regulations, protests, home team responsibilities, scrimmage rules and conference tournament schedule and rules and etc.
Miscellaneous Duties
  1. In fund raising ventures, work directly with Head Men's Basketball Coach making sure all such ventures fall with the NWAC regulations and your college policies.
  2. Understanding penalties for all flagrant acts committed by athletes and make sure athletes are aware of such penalties.
  3. Be an accommodating and respectful host to visiting teams, visiting coaches and officials.
  4. Know and enforce UCC's Student Policy, and the NWAC's drug, alcohol and tobacco use policy.
  5. Fulfill all the minimum requirements for community college coaching certification and work toward further professional development.
  6. Work with your athletes and four year college personnel to enhance the transfer process for your athletes.
  7. Help prepare, recommend and work within your college budget under the supervision of the Head Coach.
  8. Accept responsibility for all your sport equipment and uniforms.
  9. Any other responsibilities as designated by Head Men's Basketball Coach and/or Athletic Director.

View full job description and application information.


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