Welcome to the NWAACC Volleyball Statcrew Training page. We will continually add videos throughout the beginning of the year.

These videos are large files and will take some time to download, please be patient.

We STRONGLY urge all statisticians and coaches to watch the stat definitions video. A clear understanding of how stats are defined will help with stats entry.

Stat Definitions
These videos were produced by the NCAA.

Assists | Attacks | Blocks | Digs | Serves

Statcrew Videos
Setting Up Statcrew for a new season
This video covers the basics of setting up a new directory and creating rosters to be used in game scoring.

Setting Up a Game
This video covers the basics of importing rosters, setting up and starting a game.

Watch this video to view a demonstration on inputting a game with a caller. Follow along or just watch.

Watch video of real game footage and listen to how a game is spotted for the inputter. People learning input can also follow along.

Stat Crew Keyboard Command reference sheet

If you have questions or suggestions for future videos, please send them to sportsinfo@nwaacc.org.


Q:When a free ball is played over the net (known as a overpass "O" in statcrew), why don't I record a dig?
A:Digs are only recorded when a ball is attacked over the net. A ball that is played over to simply to continue the point is not considered an attack.

Q:What should I do if I am the inputter and I get lost during a long rally?
A: The best course of action if you get lost during a long rally, immediately tell your spotter who should then start writing down the stats as he/she calls them. Next is to press "O" for overpass until the shaded square on Statcrews virtual court is the same side as the read court. At that point pick-up enter the next stat called by the spotter.