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NWAC Spotlight: Treasure Valley's Delia DeLeon

2018-09-12 09:35:16

By Emily Masseth, NWAC intern

image of Delia DeLeon crossing the finsh line at the 2017 NWAC championship race

About Delia DeLeon
Delia DeLeon runningDelia DeLeon attends Treasure Valley Community College, where she will be a returning sophomore student-athlete in cross country and track and field. DeLeon chose to attend Treasure Valley, “because it is close to home, it has good tuition costs, and was excited to run for Blas.” DeLeon, “started cross country in the sixth grade and track in the seventh grade.” She explains that the “experience getting to run at this level has come from no experience or no interest until I looked up to my older sister. She always got to go run five miles with my dad to train and I wanted to go, but my dad never let me because I was his girly girl. Now, my experience up to this level took a lot of hard work and ran with heart to get to where I'm at today.” According to her stats, we can see that DeLeon runs her heart out during every competition. She was not only the NWAC Champion for women’s cross country or the NWAC Champion in the 10,000m, the 5,000m, and the 1,500m in track, but was also named Baden Runner of the Year in women’s cross country, as well as, one of the Under Armour Athletes of the Week. During this upcoming cross country and track season, Delia DeLeon will be one to watch.

Who is your greatest influence?
“My greatest influence is my coach Blas Guerra and my dad Joe Diaz DeLeon because they both are big supporters not only to me but my teammates as well. My coach and dad still see a lot of potential in me and believe I can get faster and that motivates me.”

Do you consider yourself a leader? If so, describe that about yourself either on or off the team.
“I'm a leader in a way that others look up to, but not the type of leader that really speaks up about things because I'm shy and like to keep to myself. I do congratulate my teammates, tell them great job, cheer for them, tag along to any school activities with them, and it is super fun.”

What advice do you have for incoming student-athletes?
”My advice for the incoming student-athletes is to have fun and enjoy what you do. You have to be willing to put in the hard work and support your teammates if you want to improve or help others improve. Supporting your teammates is really important and can help boost their confidence. Take practice seriously and push each other, but also have fun and joke around a little and get to know each other.”

What is one challenge or obstacle that you have had to overcome in order to get where you are today?
“One challenge I had to overcome is changing the way that I run. I took my coach Blas Guerra's advice and worked more on running on the balls of my feet instead of running from heel to toe and it was a challenge because I wasn't used to running that way.”

What is something you enjoy doing outside of your athletic pursuits?
“Something I enjoy doing outside of my athletic pursuits is watching movies, hanging out with my sisters or friends.”

What are your plans after you graduate?
“My plans after graduating Treasure Valley Community College is to transfer to a University, but I'm still undecided.”

Delia DeLeon receiving her Baden Womne's Cross Country Athlete of the  Year award

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