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Results of Day 1 of the NWAC Tennis Championships

2016-05-06 18:02:34

image of Championship LogoThe 2016 NWAC Tennis Championships has completed the first day of competition. The Skagit Valley men have seven entries into the championship round with Treasure Valley getting six into the finals.

On the women's side, Skagit Valley and Bellevue are battling for the title. Skagit Valley has won the #3 Doubles with five more entries in the championship round while Bellevue has secured six entries.

Action resumes at 9am tomorrow at Spokane Falls Community College.

Day 1 Brackets: MEN | WOMEN

Here are the match-ups for Saturday's finals:

#1 Singles: Scotie Ziegner (TV) vs. Colton Erho (SPO)
#2 Singles: Jake Brown (TV) vs. Christian Davis (SV)
#3 Singles: Dominic Aubrey (TV) vs. Durante Rodriguez (SV)
#4 Singles: James Wei (SV) vs. Kavin Martin (TV)
#5 Singles: Jared Wigen (SV) vs. Jacob Sherren (BC)
#6 Singles: Charles Stelling (SV) vs. Alejandro Madrigal (TV)
#1 Doubles: Ziegner/Brown (TV) vs. Alencar/Rodriguez (SV)
#2 Doubles: Davis/Stelling (SV) vs. Sato/Van Winkle (BC)
#3 Doubles: Wei/Wigen (SV) vs. Sherren/Sorensen (BC)

#1 Singles: Moriah Austin (BC) vs. Carlie Newman (SV)
#2 Singles: Jessie Han (BC) vs.Makenzie Perry (SV)
#3 Singles: Angela Moniaga (BC) vs. Eunice Chan (SV)
#4 Singles: Marissa Kirk (BC) vs. Jessie Fife (TV)
#5 Singles: brackets begins Saturday
#6 Singles: bracket begins Saturday
#1 Doubles: Austi/Han (BC) vs. Newman/Perry (SV)
#2 Doubles: Moniaga/Kirk (BC) vs. Love/Chan (SV)
#3 Doubles: Barber/Brittany DeNike (SV)  - winners


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